I didn’t realize how tasty mom cooked until dad started to cook.

Food was just fuel for me. I am not much of a foodie. All I require is anything edible for food. Food from the restaurant or home made food means the same for me. …


Everything that you see around yourself — may it be the phone, your table, chair, door, dress, potted plant and even you is ALL Matter.

Life in the old days was simple enough people found out about matter and then they realized that it did matter!

Soon people began counting…

Photo by Michał Franczak on Unsplash

It’s really amazing when the final exams get over. After a year full of studying, learning and writing we get time to relax before the next session.

Post-examination time is not only relaxing but even exciting. We get a chance to buy new course books in this break. While going…

Reet Mahajan

I love to write on daily events and science. I believe there is a story in everything. There are lots of tales amongst us. I try my hardest to present them all

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